Essential Detailing

Detailing Created in San Antonio Tx

Essential Detailing began with a bucket of soap, some old towels, and a house vacuum many years ago. In addition to providing the best ceramic coating, paint correction, and mobile auto detailing services in the San Antonio area, we enjoy getting to know our customers. As we've been serving the area for many years, we've learned to prioritize one thing above all others: we start with the customer's auto detailing needs and work backwards. While our auto detailing business in San Antonio, TX has largely transformed into a specialized ceramic coating and paint correction operation, we aren't your typical auto detailers...


Before we became the ceramic coating and auto detailing company we are today, we wanted to see if we were missing anything, so we spent months calling local detailing companies to see if they offered anything we didn't. We discovered the same things in ceramic coatings, paint correction, and simple interior detailing:


1. Detailers who arrived late 

2. Mobile detailing service that ignored our requests

3. Half-hearted jobs where prices were unnecessarily raised 

4. Detailers who charged prices no one would pay

5. And best of all...detailers who damaged vehicles without saying anything...


We decided right then and there that we would be a customer service business first and an auto detailing business second. We absolutely love auto detailing, and we loooove San Antonio, Texas... We've learned that our reputation is the most important variable we have, and everything else is secondary. View some of our most recent work HERE.