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Need Car Detailing Services Near You? We Come To You!

We’re a mobile car detailing company servicing San Antonio and the surrounding areas (Shavano Park , Timberwood Park, Alamo Ranch, Helotes, etc…)

Detail Services Near You. Actually, We’ll Come To You.

Instead of looking for a place to get your car detailed near you, why not have someone come directly to your home or work location?

You won’t’ have to fight through traffic, take the day off, or work your schedule around the detail.

If interests you, great! That’s what Essential Auto Detailing is all about. We’re a convenient, hassle-free detailing provider.

We work in three easy steps:

Learn more

Go through our site, read what services you’re interested in, and find out more information about us and what we do.

Ask and schedule

Reach out to us via phone call or email to get a quote, ask any other questions you have, and set a time and date for the detail.

We get to work

Sit back and relax (or go on about your day) while we detail your car at your home or work. Then be amazed by the results.

“Near Me” Can Be Anywhere, And That’s Okay


Here’s a list of areas we frequently service. If you don’t see your area, no worries! We don’t want to make a gigantic list, just enough for you to get a general idea of where we travel 

  • San Antonio

  • Live oak

  • Spring Branch

  • Balcones Heights

  • Boerne

  • Hollywood Park

  • Bulverde

  • Leon Valley

  • Helotes

  • Timberwood Park

  • Dominion


Results That Make Your Car Look 10x Better


We offer an array of services, but our most three popular services are:


Full Interior Cleaning :

This is where we’ll clean your entire interior from top to bottom, front to rear to the best condition possible (seats, floor mats, door panels, headliner, dashboard, vents, etc…).

The goal of this service is to give your car a like-new car feeling again. Stains, liquid spills, pet hair, make-up, and anything we can find will be cleaned and removed from your interior!

Engine Cleaning :

Even though we don’t look under our hood a lot, this service is a thorough cleaning of your engine bay.

To complete it, we’ll apply a dressing to all the plastic and rubber to make them shine and pop.


Wash and Wax :

If you want to take the paint up a notch and give it more shine and protection, this is a great option. Your paint will feel super slick, smooth, and look much shiner!

This includes cleaning the wheels/tires/fenders, washing, claying, and applying a high quality wax to all painted surfaces.

Interior Cleaning FAQs


Do you charge a mobile fee?

Eh, fees are lame. We do not charge a mobile fee to come out to you. The only thing is depending on your location, there might be a minimum dollar amount for us to go out.


Can you come out today or is this by appointment only?

98% of the time we’re by appointment only. Sometimes we can go out the same day depending on where we are, where you are, and the type of service and vehicle you have.


How do I pay you?

You can pay with cash or card, whichever you prefer. Most of our customers pay via card (yes, you can tip if you’d like).


How long do the details take?

It depends on the service and the condition your car is in. Sometimes it’ll take 45 minutes, other times it can take around 4 hours.


Can you work at my job or apartment?

Yes, that’s no problem. As long as the property management allows it at your job, we should be good to go. We frequently work at apartments.

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